Registration Overview

This page contains information regarding the filed Registration and any amendments that have been made by the registered lobbyist. All associated Activity Reports and Event Reports will also display after submission. You may select to view any available report below.

Registrant:   Moira Cyphers

Employer:   NextEra Energy Resources, LLC

Status:  Closed

Organization:  Compass Government Relations Partners, LLC

Authorizer:   David Applebaum

Submission and Amendments
R006603 Registration 11/13/20-10/31/21 11/17/20 View

Activity Reports
A011538 Activity Report 1/2 11/13/20-04/30/21 Submitted 05/30/21 View
A011539 Activity Report 2/2 05/01/21-10/31/21 Submitted 11/29/21 View

Event Reports

No Records